Serafina Travel's Response to COVID-19


Serafina Travel - Centre Holidays is committed to assisting our clients during the COVID-19 crisis and is carefully monitoring all future client travel, while cautiously advising on pending or new travel plans.  We are working very closely with our Industry partners and receive daily updates from around the world on policy amendments, closures, schedule changes and government regulations, so that we can provide our clients with the most current, relevant information to help guide their travel decisions.


Travelling During COVID-19

Effective January 7, 2021, all air passengers five years of age or older, including Canadians will be required to show a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours prior to boarding their scheduled departure to Canada.


The Government of Canada has an offical travel advisory in effect to avoid non-essential travel outside Canada and to avoid all travel on cruise ships until further notice.


While there is always an inherent risk that you take when deciding to travel, the current pandemic (namely
COVID-19) brings a new set of risks and challenges that need to be understood before you book your
upcoming travel. C
ovid-19 is active worldwide, with associated health risks and restrictions that could, without warning, affect and cause significant disruptions, cancellations and changes to any and all travel arrangements, by way of Covid-19 outbreaks, sudden border closures, quarantine and lockdown orders, airport closures, government travel advisories, return-home directives, hospitalisation for treatment and other similar consequences, and consequences not reasonably foreseeable at this time (collectively referred to as the “Covid-19 Risks”).

As the worldwide COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic remains ongoing, should you choose to proceed to engage Serafina Travel -  Centre Holidays to assist you with your travel planning, you acknowledge that for this reason and other factors not reasonably foreseeable at this time, you agree that :


  • you voluntarily assume all the Covid-19 Risks and other risks involved with such travel, whether those risks are expected or unexpected;

  • in the event that some or all of the travel arrangements are cancelled, interrupted or otherwise affected by the Covid-19 Risks, your rights and remedies shall be as determined and limited by the cancellation, rebooking, refund and other policies and the terms and conditions of the supplier of the affected travel service, as set out in its brochures and/or websites; 

  • in no circumstances will Serafina Travel - Centre Holidays, be liable to you, or any other person, for any refund, loss, damage, delay, or injury resulting from any cancellation, interruption, or other event or a failure of any supplier to provide any travel service to you, or for any other breach of contract or the intentional or careless act or omission of any supplier of any such travel service; 

  • you waive all and any rights or claims that you, your heirs, assigns or any other person may have against Serafina Travel - Centre Holidays arising directly or indirectly from the occurrence of any Covid-19 Risks, or the failure, whether negligent or otherwise, of Serafina Travel - Centre Holidays to inform you of any Covid-19 Risks or precautions to take or required documents.

Covid-19 related policies and procedures are constantly changing and beyond our control. We strongly recommend checking airline, resort, and government websites prior to departure to ensure you are prepared for your travels.



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