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Updated: Mar 24, 2022

With the new checked bag fees introduced by both Canadian airlines this summer, it’s important to make sure your carry-on items meet each company’s guidelines if you want to avoid unexpected checked baggage fees. Here are the guidelines from common Canadian airlines and charters for flights to the USA and Sun destinations:


Basic fare permits 1 personal bag and 1 carry on item.

Carry-on bag dimensions: 23cm x 40 cm x 55 cm including wheels and handles

Personal item dimensions: 16cm x 33cm x 43 cm

Weight restriction of 10 kg


1 carry on and a personal item such as a laptop, camera or small purse

Carry -on bag dimensions: 23cm x 40 cm x 51 cm

Weight restriction: 10 -1 5 kg depending on your ticket class


1 item – items normally classified as personal must fit the carry-on bag dimensions: 23cm x 40 cmx 51 cm

Women may also bring a small purse, not a large bag. Note that attendants are permitted to use their discretion and may ask that larger purses are put into checked luggage.

Weight restriction: 5 kg


Carry -on bag dimensions: 53 cm x 23 cm x 38 cm

Personal item dimensions: 41 cm x 15 cm x 33 cm

Any items that don’t fit into an airline’s sizing device or exceed their carry-on allowance will have to be placed in checked baggage and may result in an additional baggage fee. Measure and weigh your carry-on before leaving home to avoid repacking at the airport.

Remember that if the flight is full there may not be room for everyone’s carry-on. Be prepared and pack keys, medication, mobile devices, jewellery, personal identification and travel information in a small bag so you can keep it with you if your carry-on needs to be checked.

Each airline permits at least one carry-on item per passenger with a paid seat, so your children can bring their own items in a backpack. This will save on the weight and size of carry-on for the adults travelling with them.

Your carry-on must also be acceptable for the country you are travelling to; make sure it's contents will be permitted to pass through security when leaving your destination, as well as Canadian security.

Before you leave check your airlines’ website to confirm weight and measurements, as well as www.catsa.gc.ca if you are uncertain about what you are permitted to take through security.

If you anticipate doing a bunch of shopping while on vacation, you may need to check a bag on the way home. Your shopping bag may work as your carry-on and you can check your original bag. Remember to check the weight of your carry-on when you pack for your trip home. You can often save money by prepaying for extra baggage online and avoid paying at the airport where it can often be double the fee.

Planning ahead will go a long way to ensuring a smooth check-in and avoid repacking at the airport.

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