Got questions about what it’s like to work with Serafina Travel? We’ve got answers! Find the most common questions we get from clients, before they decide to work with us, below:


Why should I work with you to plan my vacation?

We work exclusively with sophisticated travellers to create memorable travel experiences through custom crafted itineraries so they can savour the vacation they envision. Through our years as travel advisors, we've been able to develop strong relationships with our travel partners, and we've figured out what works - and what doesn't - when it comes to an enriching travel experience. We'd love to put our expertise and experience to work for you, too! Our unique approach to planning travel puts your needs first. We start with a framework (because the best vacations are never the ones where you feel like you're flying by the seat of your pants), and add in custom experiences based on your interests and preferences! From flights, accommodations, transportation and special experiences like balloon rides, sunset dinners, or wine tastings, we take care of it all.

Who is NOT a good fit for a Serafina Travel vacation?

Good question; we only want to work with clients who we know are going to get a lot of value out of our services. So if you're a hardcore do-it-yourselfer when it comes to planning your vacations, we're not a good fit - because we don't want to take the joy of planning away from you! Or, if your top concern is finding a bottom-dollar deal, you're better off using Expedia or another online booking engine. Those sites are designed to give you vacation options at the cheapest price (without concern for much else), whereas the trips we plan are more focused on value - creating an unforgettable experience that really makes your vacation investment worth it.

What size budget do you typically work with?

This depends on a lot of different factors, like when you plan to travel and how long you plan to spend on vacation. Generally speaking though, a minimum budget would be in the ballpark of $5,000 for a couple and go up from there (group budgets obviously start higher!).

What does it cost to work with you?

To cover our time researching your custom itinerary, arranging all of the details and being on call for support while you travel, we do charge a professional fee. Our fee varies and is based on trip complexity; we'll be sure to share our fee with you during your complimentary consultation call, before we start working together. No surprises here! You'll receive up to 3 tailored-to-you initial itineraries, after that we may charge a planning fee. Travel planning takes time, so the more information you can give us at the start the better. Additional fee may include: -$200 per person change/revision fee after the final itinerary has been delivered -$250 per person cancellation fee To find out more about our prices, contact us.

How can we get started?

We like to start with a complimentary consultation call, so we can get to know more about your travel dreams and your unique needs. It also gives us a chance to get to know each other to see if we're a good fit for planning your vacation. To schedule your call, you simply fill out our trip planning form with a few trip details—then we'll contact you within 24 hours to arrange our chat! Psst … live in or near Edmonton or Calgary? Let us know; we love meeting local clients over coffee to discuss their trips!

Why do I fill out the form first?

We have you fill out the trip planning form first with a few details about your travel needs and desired destinations, so that we can come to your complimentary consultation call with a few ideas to share with you! Filling out the form first allows us to go deeper on our call together.

When should I book?

We need at least two months to create a trip that's tailored to you and the experiences you want. But, sometimes you just need to get away! So, as soon you're ready to start planning, let us know. We encourage you to book early, so you can start looking forward to your trip. Planning tip: The best accommodations tend to book quickly, especially if you're travelling during peak seasons, and flights tend to go up in price closer to trip dates.

Ready to get started planning your next spectacular, stress-free trip—or have more questions for us? Then let’s connect on a complimentary consultation call—simply fill out the short trip inquiry form to get started:



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