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Tailored Trips - for a Vacation that Makes Everyone Happy

When your to-do list stretches three pages long....

When the only quality time you've been getting with the kids is in the school drop off lane...

When family time consists of syncing your calendars and video chats....

Then it's time for a family vacation!

We'll help you escape the "busy" and re-connect on vacations tailored to your family's vacation style.

And the planning won't become another thing on your to-do list - we'll take care of all the details.

What can we plan for you?

Image by Derick McKinney

You're craving sun, sand, and the perfect slice of paradise to get away from it all. It's time to put down the screens, log out of your email, and connect with your family again!

We'll plan your family getaway that prioritizes letting you rest -whether that's at a beachfront resort, breathtaking villa, sun-soaked cruise or an action packed theme park.


Special extras that ensure your trip allows you to unplug, like bringing in a personal chef to whip up a family meal or arranging a private driver when needed, will make your vacation as easy as an island breeze!

Image by Alex Vasey

Paris, London, Rome - these mythical cities may seem like too much to take on with the kids in tow. But not only do we make family vacations to culturally rich capitals possible, we make them effortless.


Imagine: instead of stressing over how to lug your bags down narrow cobblestone streets, or waiting hours in line at a museum, you'll be exploring on private tours, enjoying kid-friendly activities, and getting around with ease using private drivers.


Of course, no family vacation is complete without a bit of downtime where you can simply hang out together. We'll build that in too!

Family Fun Made Easy


You won't have to second guess if your private airport transfers have been confirmed, or if the hotel restaurant can accommodate your son's dietary restrictions. Here's what you can expect for your family vacation planned with Serafina Travel:


  • Consultation to get to know you and your family's unique travel needs and interests

  • 4* & 5* properties that can comfortably accommodate your entire family — like a villa where everyone can spread out, or adjoining suites onboard a fun-filled, family-friendly cruise ship.

  • Clear communication every step of the way. 

  • Customized trip proposals that include pricing.

  • Excursions and activities tailored to your family’s unique interests and travel style.

  • Details that make travelling together a breeze, like private transfers, advance dining reservations, and private tours.

  • Keeping you up-to-date on the details, like passport and visa requirements, local currency and tipping guidelines, and all trip payment dates.

  • Access to our travel app where you'll have all your vacation details in one place, before and during your trip.

  • Support every step of your journey—we're just a text, phone call or email away. 

Ready to relax and experience a new destination together, on a trip tailored to your family? We'd love to show you how; let’s connect on a complimentary consultation call—simply fill out the short trip planning form to get started:



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