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Tailored Travel Made Easy: The Planning Process


Imagine simply listing what you want, and magically having your wish come true!


Planning your next vacation can be that simple when you work with Serafina Travel.

We know you have a lot going on and don’t have the time to plan the details. Let us take care of the planning for you. 

You'll have our expert advice, recommendations and support every step of the way. 



 Where are you dreaming of going?  
During your complimentary consultation call, you'll share your ideas and dreams for your trip so that we have all the details we need to craft the perfect itinerary for you. We'll share how our travel services work and what you can expect from us throughout the planning stage.


Next, we’ll start designing your itinerary, matching you with the properties and experiences that reflect your interests and needs. The goal? To make sure everyone looks forward to this trip! We’ll work together to refine your itinerary until it gets your seal of approval. 


Then, everything is booked for you, from flights and hotels to tours, transfers, and all the “little” extras that make a big difference. You can be confident that every detail has been thought out and perfectly planned.



Finally, you'll jet off on your adventure, with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your itinerary has been planned to a “t”.
Before you leave, your itinerary will be delivered to you through our very own travel app! The app has all the information you need to enjoy every aspect of your trip and the details are live and refreshed in real time.
We’re always available to answer any questions you have you as you prepare for your trip and for assistance on the day you leave for your trip. During your vaction you can reach out for asssitance if you need it; you have a local contacts and access to our emergency contact number. 
When you return from your vacation, we follow up with you to make sure you were satisfied with your overall trip. 
Ready to relax and experience the next destination on your travel list, on a custom-crafted itinerary? We’d love to show you how; let’s connect on a complimentary consultation call.
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