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Updated: Jul 30, 2023

We all try to stay positive and not focus on the "what if's" in life. And having a vacation to look forward to is definitely one of the bright spots in life. For some people, talking about travel protection feels like tempting fate. But here are five reasons why we recommend all travellers have some type of trip insurance.

why you travel insurance

1. Having to cancel your trip at the last moment.

You've finally planned and paid for a trip to that bucket-list destination you've been saving up for and dreaming about for years. Two days before your vacation you injure your knee. The doctor says you need surgery and won't be able to walk for at least 2 weeks. It's close to your arrival date so the hotels and cruise line are charging you a short notice cancellation penalty. Your investment in your trip is gone! But, most trip cancellation policies include a cancellation benefit that would make you eligible for reimbursement of a portion and possibly all of your prepaid expenses.

The weather is something you have no control over and it can cause travel delays or cancellation of your trip altogether. From snowstorms to hurricanes, travel insurance can cover you if adverse weather or a natural disaster causes a covered event like flight cancellation.

2. Medical emergencies can be expensive

Even the healthiest and most active people can suffer a medical emergency. Consider a simple scenario that you are driving your rental car while on vacation and someone else causes a crash, leaving you with a broken arm. Unfortunately, your provincial healthcare coverage is limited outside of your province, and not accepted by many foreign hospitals. You would have to pay for your hospital visit upfront.

Emergency medical benefits are usually included with most travel protection policies, and additional coverage can be added. So when you start thinking about the cost of travel protection and if it is worth the investment, consider the thousands of dollars you might have to spend if a medical emergency occurs.

3. Small mishaps can have a big impact
Your vacation should be a fun and relaxing time. Starting your vacation with a cancelled flight or lost suitcase can put a major wrench in your good mood. Travel insurance benefits can help with these situations, such as reimbursement of additional expenses due to missed flights or coverage for baggage delays. Small common travel mishaps can happen, and many insurance policies have benefits to address these issues, so check your plan to see what’s included.

4. The unexpected can happen back home

While you're in Italy sampling the wines of Tuscany on your anniversary trip, one of your parents is hospitalised. You need to end your trip early to fly back home and take care of them. Trip interruption benefits provide reimbursement for the portion of the trip you missed and may even help you return home.

5. The Canadian government advises travellers to have it

The Government of Canada advises travellers to have travel health insurance coverage when they leave the country, especially policies that include emergency medical and evacuation benefits. If you have a medical emergency while travelling and contact the Canadian Embassy, the assistance they can offer you is limited. They are not able to pay for your emergency medical care or transportation. You will be responsible for any expenses and some countries require full payment before you can leave the country. Travel protection coverage provides you peace of mind during these unexpected situations.

Wondering what type of travel protection you need for your next vacation? We're available to provide you with a variety of options. Schedule your Complimentary Consultation today.



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