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Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Have you ever wondered why people return from their cruise vacation excited to go again? If you're considering taking your first family cruise, here are a few reasons why cruising may be the right vacation for your family.


You pay one price and just about everything is included: accommodations, meals, snacks, entertainment, and onboard activities. Most of the family friendly cruise lines include free childcare for toddlers to tweens and offer options for paid babysitting of infants. Alcohol, special restaurants, and any tours you take while onshore are typically an extra cost. Cruise lines make it easy for families to save and budget for their vacation because you can book almost two years in advance and you can make monthly payments after your deposit has been made. Travelling with your extended family? You may qualify for group travel rates.


Our favourite thing about cruising is the opportunity to see more than one destination on the same vacation, but you only have to unpack once! Spending a day in a port gives you a chance to see and experience a bit of the local culture. If you really like the spot, you can return and explore it some more on a longer vacation.


Cruise ships are a great option for larger families! Many of the newer ships offer cabins for families of 5 or 6 to stay together at an affordable rate or have adjoining cabins so the grownups can have a bit of privacy.


Family focused cruise lines offer a wide variety of activities onboard to keep you entertained during your days at sea. Waterslides, pools, movies on deck, rock climbing, ice skating, mini golf, surf simulators, bowling, bumper cars, Broadway shows – all this family fun is included in the price of your cruise! Depending on your cruise line you also have access to family group activities such as cooking classes, scavenger hunts, family karaoke nights, wooden ship building, salsa classes and theme nights like Pirate Night. With so much to do onboard, it's easy for everyone to find something that makes them happy. Along with family activities, there are also quiet adult-only areas to enjoy while the kids participate in kids-only programmes with new friends.


Dining on cruise lines has evolved from nightly formal dinners to offering options for everyone. If your family enjoys the formal sit down meals you have that choice in addition to buffets for a more relaxed meal, a quick snack from a poolside bar or even room service. And all cruise lines are great at accommodating individuals with special dietary needs.

For many families, a cruise is a fun-filled, stress-free way to spend time together exploring new destinations.



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