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Are you ready to experience the beauty and culture of Budapest? From its impressive architecture, delicious local food, fascinating history, and vibrant nightlife, this majestic city is sure to leave a lasting impression on any first-time visitor.

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Take in the iconic sights like Parliament and Fisherman’s Bastion or let your stress melt away in one of its many thermal spas – whatever your preference may be, there are endless ways to spend three days exploring all that Hungary’s capital has to offer! Here’s our guide on how you can make the most out of your visit by discovering some prime spots worth checking out while on vacation in Budapest.


Start your adventure in the vibrant city of Budapest with a memorable experience!

Whether you choose to stroll on foot, cruise in a car, zip around on a segway, or even float down the river on a boat, begin your day with a guided tour of the city to help you get acquainted.

Make sure to stop by the famous markets for a little shopping, a quick bite to eat, and some people-watching.

Insider tip: Book a photographer for an hour or two to take some candid photos as you explore. It will be your favourite souvenir.

Next, enjoy a tour inside the majestic Hungarian Parliament house. This architectural masterpiece will leave you breathless with its stunning grand stairway, hexadecagonal (sixteen-sided) central hall, and 242 sculptures on its walls–just try and keep count!

As you journey around town, treat yourself to local pastries, drinks, and snacks. Take a breather and recharge at one of the many charming cafes– the perfect way to experience the true coffeehouse culture that Budapest is known for.

Finally, wrap up your day one with a traditional Hungarian meal. You can’t go wrong with a warm bowl of Gulyás.


Kick off the morning at Fisherman’s Bastion and take in some of the most enchanting views of Budapest. Built at the end of the 19th century, Fisherman’s Bastion was never intended to be used for fortification. Instead, it was built to honour Hungary’s 1000th birthday and resembles a castle straight out of a fairytale. Enjoy the sunrise there if you want to avoid the crowds and really experience its breathtaking beauty for all it’s worth.

Spend your afternoon unleashing your culinary potential with a private cooking class. Choose from beginner to advanced, savoury meals to delicate desserts. This fun-filled experience will satisfy more than your tummy. You’ll be able to wow all of your friends when you get back home.

End the night with a spectacular performance at the Opera –- your chance to show-off your most glamorous attire and revel in an evening of regal splendour. With soaring melodies, awe-inspiring decor, and captivating theatre, this unforgettable experience will transport you into another realm!

Afterwards, have a nightcap at one of the extraordinary ruin bars before heading off to bed.


What’s a vacation without some much-deserved rest and relaxation? For a truly authentic experience, start your last day at the picturesque Szechenyi Bath— one of the largest natural hot spring spas in all of Europe. Feel nature's warmth as you soak in a geothermal pool and let all of your stress melt away.

Continue unwinding as you stroll along the enchanting Andrássy út. Indulge in some retail therapy at one of the many boutiques or perk up with an espresso in hand while sweet music from a piano player fills the air around you.

Cross two more World Heritage Sites off your list when you take a ride on the 2nd oldest metro in the world and head across the river to Buda Castle District--- a place steeped with rich history, unique architecture, and impressive views.

Hop on the Castle Hill Funicular and have some fun while travelling to the top. Take a guided tour and learn about the complex history behind this sprawling castle. Stay for sunset and watch the impressive castle grounds as well as the entire city light up against the darkness of nightfall.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a glass of Tokaji Aszú at a nearby rooftop bar before winding down your evening.

After three unforgettable days in Budapest, you will be left with a unique understanding of the city and its culture. From the absolutely breathtaking views to the iconic markets and thermal spas, immersing yourself in a bit of history in the Castle District, seeing an opera or attending a cooking class--there's truly something for everyone to enjoy.

Not sure whether a river cruise or a land tour is the best way for you to explore Hungary? Let's chat about the benefits of both to find the perfect match. Schedule your Complimentary Consultation today.


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