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Located in the eastern region of Alaska’s Disenchantment Bay, witness the larger-than-life tidewater Hubbard Glacier. The Hubbard Glacier is named after the National Geographic Society’s first president, Gardiner Hubbard.

Hubbard Glacier near Disenchantment Bay Alaska
Hubbard Glacier, Alaska. Photo credit: Peter Hansen

Unlike the name suggests, Disenchantment Bay is incredibly enchanting. You will find yourself amid some of the world’s most serene backdrops here. Picture it: sloping peaks powdered with snow, seals sprawled across wedges of ice, and expansive stretches of blue sky.

Hubbard Glacier is a magnificent formation, making it both a powerful and humbling experience. The total size of this marvel of nature comes out to be 600 feet tall, stretching approximately 182 metres long and 11 km wide. At times, ice blocks break off from the glacier and plunge into the bay. Imagine a 10-story building falling into the ocean! The local Tingit refer to this calving process as “white thunder,” given the loud plunge and incredible displacement of water.

Unlike some glaciers retreating, the Hubbard Glacier is classified as an advancing glacier, making it much more special to witness. It experiences periods of advance and retreat due to natural cycles, so ice constantly moves and calves into the bay.

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