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Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Visit a place where life is casual, blissful and relaxing. Where the people invite you into their homes with open arms and share their culture and traditions with you wholeheartedly. Where the crystal clear turquoise waters greet you among palm trees and the softest white sandy beaches with a backdrop of cozy forest and lush mountain.

Paradise on earth exists and you will find it among the French Polynesian islands in the South Pacific Ocean.

Once you set foot off the plane into Papeete, the capital city of Tahiti, you are greeted with the scent of hibiscus flowers and the warm island breeze. Her charm enchants you immediately. Explore the bustling island core with her distinct French flair and Polynesian roots. Discover the diverse island, the multicultural heritage and the history of the Polynesians. Shop local and traditional handicrafts and Tahiti pearls for unique souvenirs.

Experience the magic of Moorea, where the carefree lifestyle and warm hospitality greet you upon arrival. The stunning natural beauty welcomes you, providing you with the laid-back lifestyle we crave in our busy daily lives. Explore the island and its gorgeous views, with an island tour around the heart-shaped island or seek an adventure to explore in the interior with 4x4 excursions.

The iconic views of overwater bungalows in turquoise green and blue colours of Bora Bora give rise to the most romantic island in the world. The small and intimate island provides plenty of inevitably romantic and memorable experiences including private motu picnics and swimming with manta rays.

The vibrant community of Polynesians and the vivid beauty of the South Pacific is the dream of tropical vacations.

Disappear from the modern world and escape to paradise where raw, untouched natural beauty inspires you to live for meaningful travel experiences and connect with yourself and your loved ones in a way only the South Pacific islands can do.

Ready to experience the South Pacific?



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