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You love the idea of waking up in a new destination every few days, without having to unpack. But, you're not excited about sharing the experience with 3000 people.

Most visited waterfall in Iceland

Then you'll appreciate cruising on a small or medium-sized ship. Here's what makes them different from the typical big cruise ships and a few of our favourites.

What's the difference?

The large cruise ships like Royal Caribbean and Princess can be compared to floating resorts. They'll have anywhere from 1,800 - 5,000 passengers onboard. And they have all sorts of activities to keep that many people entertained. From casinos to Broadway style shows to skating rinks and waterslides, the big ships have the space and size for just about anything you can imagine doing on land! Because they need to feed a large amount of people they will have multiple restaurants with a variety of cuisine. And since they have a large number of people wanting to explore they will visit the more common ports with the infrastructure to transport and entertain a large number of people.

Midsize ships

If you're looking for a bit of onboard entertainment with a few dining options, midship cruising might be for you. Passengers can range from 400-1700 depending on the cruiseline and the ship. They are like a boutique hotel on the sea. Azamara is wonderful for anyone looking for more overnight stays and evening port tours, while Oceania will take you into the smaller ports that the larger cruise ships can't reach.

Small ships

Small ships can be as large as a 350 person mega yacht or as small as a 70 person motor-sail yacht. These ships are perfect for the traveller looking for a more laid back vacation with great food, longer stays in ports. Windstar, Ponant, and Silversea will take you to the more exotic ports that larger ships can't visit.

Expedition ships
The newest class of cruise ships, these ships of 300 passengers or less are built for the extremes of cruising the Artic and Antarctica.

River cruising

This specialized category of cruising is focused on sailing the rivers of Europe, Africa, and Asia. Guest size is typically 300 people or less with tours, dining, and most beverages included in the price. If you've wanted to explore some of the smaller, more unique "inland" destinations you'll want to take a closer look at river cruising. Our favourite river cruise lines include AmaWaterways, Avalon, Scenic, and Uniworld. You can read more about river cruising here.

Ready to have a more personalized and luxurious cruising experience? We're here to help you find the right cruiseline and the perfect itinerary. Schedule your Complimentary Consultation today to start planning.


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